Bulk Dead Sea Water (Maris Aqua)

The water in the basin of the Dead Sea is rich in minerals, retaining the deep-cleansing and  detoxifying agents offered by its high salt content, and supplying all the embedded benefits for  skin, muscles, joints and blood circulation. With its high mineral concentration, Dead Sea water is  recognized as a powerful source for health and beauty benefits, helping to enhance metabolic  processes, and to restore the skin’s normal functions and natural pH level, to maintain its healthy,  glowing appearance. 

Our Dead Sea water can be used on its own or mixed with essential oils for massage therapy,  combined with the Dead Sea mud as a scrubbing solution, and used in the formulation of a range  of cosmetic products. 

In Numeira, we produce two main types of Dead Sea Water:


Concentrated Dead Sea Water (Concentrated Brine)


Dead Sea Water (Brine)

This is a high-salinity mineral-rich solution (over 27%) with an oil-like viscosity that is ideal for  massage therapy, and the enrichment of cosmetic products with Dead Sea minerals.

This is mineral-rich water that can be utilized for various therapeutic applications, and is the better  choice for sensitive skin due to its lower salt content. 

Buy Dead Sea Salt Water Online

The Maris aqua of the Dead Sea contains around 34% salt. While that makes it pretty inedible, you can still use it as a beauty mineral.A sea where nothing but bacteria and minerals can survive, the Dead Seais the fourth saltiest place on the planet, and it has a great many treasures to offer the world.


Concentrated brine is one of the many efforts Numeira is making to share the treasures of this natural wonder beyond the fact that you can float over its highly salted surface.


Buy Dead Sea Water online only at Numeirato treat skin conditions like:


  1. Atopy

  2. Vitiligo

  3. Psoriasis

  4. Eczema

  5. Acne


Buy bulk Dead Sea waterto support a respiratory illness or take advantage of its mineral-rich content to exfoliate the impurities from your pores and massage away your cellulite. Buy Dead Sea water online for improved blood circulation, if nothing else. Try these miraculous waters while they’re here.


There’s a reason everything exists, and this centuries-old Maris aqua exists to optimize, if not improve, your quality of life.


Buy the Dead Sea concentrated brine online, and let us send you the Jordanian extract to your part of the world.