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Shop Natural Dead Sea Flakes Online

Are you as endlessly fascinated by the lowest point on Earth as we are? The Dead Sea is actually a lake, which is why its surface rests 1300 feet below sea level, whereas the lake bed rests 2300 feet below sea level.


Despite its depth, a human can only float in these salt-rich waters, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been able to procure natural Dead Sea extracts from this lake. Numeira brings you Dead Sea products straight from the buoyant lake. Explore our virtual shelves to buy:


  1. Dead Sea magnesium chloride flakes

  2. Dead Sea mud powder

  3. Dead Sea mud paste

  4. Dead Sea bath salts


Purchase any of the above products to make Dead Sea cosmetics, Dead Sea soaps, Dead Sea fertilizer, and Dead Sea candles for therapeutic, skincare, or cosmetic purposes. Instead of buying your cosmetics online, buy pure Dead Sea minerals to create your own from scratch. Do the same for your skincare and bathing products. Add Dead Sea bath salts to your water to wash away the impurities and feel rejuvenated.

Buy natural Dead Sea flakes online from anywhere in the world, and have them shipped to your location from our warehouse in Jordan . Numeira now does worldwide shipping across all six habitable continents.

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