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Globalizing Natural Dead Sea Minerals

Welcome to Numeira, a place where you can browse and buy Dead Sea mineral sin the form of salt, mud, and brine straight from the Jordanian end of the coast. Extracted through green and sustainable methods and brought to you by an authority with 24 years of experience procuring natural Dead Sea minerals, you can count on our expertise and trust us to provide you with 100% authentic Dead Sea products.


Explore the Dead Sea minerals for sale on our online store, and have them delivered to a local address or anywhere in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and the MENA.

Basic info 

About Numeira

Established in 1997 under the Arab Potash Company (APC) as the only company with exclusive rights to extract, utilize and distribute Dead Sea mineral-rich raw materials from the Jordanian side, Numeira is the leading provider of 100% natural Dead Sea Bath Salt, mud and brine found at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. 


Our Vision

Optimizing quality, innovation and value-creation to remain the leader in the Dead Sea raw  materials industry.


Our Unwavering Values

In order to maintain our consistent stellar performance, we operate on our core values of excellence, accountability, transparency, sustainability, innovation, cost consciousness, and safety.


Our Commitment to the People and Planet

Working Towards Local Community Development and a Sustainable Environment 

We are dedicated to exercising our social and environmental responsibility as a leading company in the Dead Sea raw materials industry.

Our Dead Sea Bath Salt & Mud in Bulk

The Finest Mineral-Rich Raw Materials Directly from the Source in Jordan to You

Dead Sea Salt Jordan

The Dead Sea has a salinity of around 34%, making it almost 10 times saltier than regular seawater. The salt builds up to form crystal beds and sheeny rocks along the Dead Sea shore. The unique mineral composition of the Dead Sea Bath Salt has proven effects that help treat various health  conditions. These include:

Dead Sea Mud Jordan

Found on the bed and shores of the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea mud was formed tens of thousands of years ago from a combination of organic materials, which has resulted in a neat  blend of high-potency minerals, making it the ideal choice for numerous therapeutic benefits, including:

Dead Sea water Jordan

 The water in the basin of the Dead Sea is rich in minerals, retaining the deep-cleansing and detoxifying agents offered by its high salt content, and supplying all the embedded benefits for  skin, muscles, joints and blood circulation. With its high mineral concentration, Dead Sea water is  recognized as a powerful source for health and beauty benefits, helping to enhance metabolic  processes, and to restore the skin’s normal functions and natural pH level, to maintain its healthy,  glowing appearance.

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